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    Must get my act together and do some more.
    Molly guards my toys!

    2012 'Berg 300

    1982 CR250RC PROJECT (wefixulongtime)


    Whenever I try to make something idiot proof - Along comes a smarter idiot!


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      Keep them coming.

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        Some small updates to follow


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          Great thread, let the building begin...


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            Love reading these build threads, lots of bikes I would like to have owned in the past. Bit jealous still!!!


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              RMX Project

              Had a few resto's in the past and in my mind the difference between a Project and a Resto is how faithful to the original artical you want to be, at the moment i am 70% through a project 98 RMXs and a few things dawned on me shortly after starting which were.
              #1 Whats the money at which it becomes uneconomical.
              #2 How faithful will the build be.
              #3 What will its purpose be, ie ride it , sell it , keep it till you can no longer ride.
              All these things tie into each other as much as the passion for bikes that drives you to do it in the first place.
              Anyway ,that's my blurb on projects.


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