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Dal Soggio, yay or nay?

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  • Dal Soggio, yay or nay?

    $1200 for used Dal Soggios... good idea or no?

    Likely to be paired with an Ohlins shock, if that matters.
    Beta 200RR

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    Haven’t ridden on them personally however they are supposed to be good gear.
    Couldn’t you get a complete set of “nice” forks for that amount of money?


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      I have Dal Soggios on my 2018 ktm 350... best money I have ever spent.. Paid a fair bit more than $1200 too .. if you have any questions let me know.


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        Didn't Arctra on here (Dean) get into a set of those? Or am I dreaming?


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          Originally posted by Pete40 View Post
          Didn't Arctra on here (Dean) get into a set of those? Or am I dreaming?
          You're dreamin' mate

          No, you were close, but I did up my WP CC's (that the Dal Soggio's are heavily based off of design-wise). I did watch Terry Hay doing some dyno work on the Sphere's and videoed a bit of it. And coz I had the carts in my hands I got to see the quality of them in person. There's something to be said for fine engineering, exotic coatings, and a quality product!

          Had I not had my WP CC's I would have gone for the Dal Soggio's for sure. With the WP CC carts being so good I spent my money on exotic coating on the tubes, and I can highly recommend going that route too.


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