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N10Z Fork kit who has them ?

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  • N10Z Fork kit who has them ?

    Anyone tried the N10Z fork kit some stuff on ktm talk but interested if anyone here has any real news on them or used them??.

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    Never tried them but been interested for many years. Was first reading about them back in about 2005, the owner seemed to be a bit of a character.

    The latest feedback seems to be pretty good.


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      I have just fitted one in the rear. 1st ride was good. Had to soften it up around 5 clicks to get better compliance, wasn't bad just wanted a bit softer. Just changed a part internal and will test next weekend.
      What I did notice is it improved the tracking dramatically, didn't deflect of rocks/roots. Landing on uphills where the rear would bottom before now feels like landing on a cloud. Cant believe the differnce.

      After 1st ride on rear I ordered the front. Just waiting for it turn up and I will try and have it fitted before my ride next weekend


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        PCGrif - Looking forward to the review of the front suspension Where did you order the N10Z Kit from


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