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  • Athena Get ECU tuner

    I have been given the opportunity to use a Athena Get ecu tuner with wifi it has the anthena maps loaded on it. But want to know if any one has actullay used one or has some custom tunes. This is going on a Husky FE 450 2020 any help / advice appreciated.

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    I put one on my CRF450RX in an effort to reduce low RPM flameouts and it helped quite a bit.

    I just richened up the fuel a few % up to about 4000 RPM for lower throttle openings.

    I found it really easy to use. The updated version allows you to edit maps offline. The earlier version you could only look/edit when the bike was running.

    A better improvement was a 7 oz Steahly flywheel weight.


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      I can update and load the maps with the phone. Looks like i will just adjust a 1 or 2% at a time .Thanks for the info.


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